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Kaleidoscope 1.18

Imagination, creativity, fantasy: this is what this edition is all about. The belief, the origin of imagination lies in intuition and in our consciousness, takes centre stage in art, more than anywhere else. Artists create works of art from nothing more than their intuition, works which fascinate, enthral, and enrich generations. For every action there’s a consequence, and the true meaning of visual and conscious effort originates from the effort of creating a stronger vibration, resulting in thoughts and actions, to create our individual, ‘limited reality’ in our imagination. Man as a creator channels energy and attention on to an inner picture and creates a world, his living space, on his own or together with other artists.

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She has her feet planted solidly in the outside world while still retaining an introspective awareness of her body. Her portraits are based on a thorough study of reality. However, the observation of animals and people

Jonathan Meese advanced his theses and barely took a moment

The painter leaves traces, only to erase them straightaway. In

Bees have always flitted in works of art as symbolic

A classic, contemporary artist in a multicultural metropolitan jungle, of all places? Not in a museum, no, with air conditioning and such, supervised and curated following cultural and historical guidelines? No. It was to be held

There’s an intrinsic ‘aleatory element’ when it comes to buying

The painter leaves traces, only to erase them straightaway. In

Raimund Abraham moved to America during the mid-60s and became

After all, Michelangelo and Bach don’t have any shared direct points of contact, yet I do. Music connects me to them. It doesn’t take much to find Bach’s contribution; Michelangelo’s music, as it were, is channelled

The global economic crisis in 1929 hit Wörgl and the

Stucco Veneziano, a technique much loved by revered architect Carlo

Attribution is only an opinion, but science provides objective data

A ghost haunts art. Everyone has seen it at least once, yet nobody recognises it when it appears. Only the ghosts of the past are visible; contemporary ghosts are but nebulous apparitions, brushed off as hallucinations.

The artist will yield a positive income from his sales.

Buildings located on open spaces can be photographed, and those

In Austria, freedom of the arts is a basic right

Max Weiler - as one of the most significant painters of the Austrian modern period in the 20th century, he developed his own pleasant pictorial world of new shapes and figures over nearly seven decades, standing

Guernica is a special work; you can tell at the

Programmed and produced under the artistic direction of the Fondation

There are a good 20,000 books in this hall, with

A castle is a monument, a memorial, but a farm, wall or a landscape shaped by human labour can also be monuments in their own right, too. The destroying power of profit came to light in

Programmed and produced under the artistic direction of the Fondation

The exhibition "Glasstress" is a collateral event at the 57th

Guernica is a special work; you can tell at the

Gerlinde Schumacher, who actually manages an interior design and space management business, highlights, ‘In here you’ll encounter a free, cheerful game mixing colours, shapes, and materials always paired with a down-to-earth practicality reflecting the available budget.

Mr Schumann, you’ve given countless interviews in your life but

Bühlbecker goes a bit more into detail as we grill

Walter Röhrl, born in Regensburg, is considered ‘the best rally


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