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Kaleidoscope 2.17

The ‘Mastermind’ edition is a symbol for all progressive thinkers and visionaries in the multifaceted world that is art. They all share one trait: their above-average capacity to imagine, which allows them to cross borders, bridge divides, create links, and characterise entire generations. If we were to take a closer look, we’d spot another important trait: they need someone to believe in and stimulate them. As the Medici Family in Florence did by supporting artists, philosophers, literates and musicians. Patrons, benefactors, and sponsors are still necessary today to translate visions into reality.

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Art in Prachensky turns into a scientific language which would normally flee from human understanding and imagination and, consequently, flee from a deeper understanding of science itself.

When professionalism, thirst for knowledge, the collector’s bug, risktaking, and

The exhibition is a journey through seven spaces that Wilson,

The artist Yahon Chang was born in 1948 in Nantou,

One of the themes Krystufek deals with is the veil and women, a topic which has become more current than ever. She depicts veiled women from different societies and religions in her drawings, installations, and acrylic

Attribution is only an opinion, but science provides objective data

After all, Michelangelo and Bach don’t have any shared direct

A classic, contemporary artist in a multicultural metropolitan jungle, of

Three forgers have been the focus of my attention recently: the sculptor Michelangelo, the violinist Fritz Kreisler, and the painter Henricus Antonius ‘Han’ van Meegeren. Michelangelo, Kreisler, Van Meegeren

The global economic crisis in 1929 hit Wörgl and the

A cosmic balance regulated every action on our planet. Following

Here’s no doubt about it: Coop Himmelb(l)au is a trailblazer

One of the most well-known art restitution cases has to be the dispute over Klimt’s portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I. The heirs of Ferdinand and Adele Bloch-Bauer fought for years to have the painting, and

In Austria, freedom of the arts is a basic right

The artist will yield a positive income from his sales.

She has her feet planted solidly in the outside world

Rozendaal immediately recognises the potential of the internet as a vast Exhibition platform, studio, meeting point and at the same time a storage site for his work and uses it henceforth as canvas for his art.

W&K - Wienerroither & Kohlbacher presented a comprehensive retrospective of

You couldn’t think of Oswald Oberhuber and not think of

The MEC represents a great opportunity for South Tyrol. It

The exhibition "Glasstress" is a collateral event at the 57th Venice Biennale. Adriano Berengo and his curators Dimitri Ozerkov and Herwig Kempinger have brought great names of the international art world to Venice: Ai Weiwei, Paul

A castle is a monument, a memorial, but a farm,

The Albertina offers viewers the possibility of comparing Raphael’s aesthetic

Myth, Glamour and Responsibility. The Medici obtained their success through

The global economic crisis in 1929 hit Wörgl and the region hard, and unemployment kept growing. State aid was guaranteed for just a few weeks before the municipalities had to step in and become responsible for

Mr Schumann, you’ve given countless interviews in your life but

Roman Delugan and Elke Deluganmeissl have been running their own

Walter Röhrl, born in Regensburg, is considered ‘the best rally


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