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A better World – At all Costs

8 MARCH – 5 MAY 2018

FFO.KU.S will show­ca­se a selec­tion from the Hor­bach collec­tion (Colo­gne) in the spring of 2018. Micha­el Hor­bach ope­ned his ate­lier in the for­mer Moni­ka Sprüth/Rosemarie Tro­ckel gal­le­ry and ate­lier com­plex in the Colo­gne Süd­stadt neigh­bour­hood in 2011. He’s con­si­de­red one of the most pro­fi­led collec­tors of con­tem­pora­ry pho­to­gra­phy in the Ger­man-spea­king regi­ons.

His pas­si­on leads him to tack­ling the­mes which one could, in the loo­sest sen­se pos­si­ble, allo­ca­te to modern, con­tem­pora­ry ‘huma­nist pho­to­gra­phy’. Ulti­mate­ly, Micha­el Hor­bach has a pas­si­on for most­ly black and white pic­tures, pho­to­gra­phic work which pre­ser­ves the balan­ce bet­ween for­mal and aes­the­tic excel­lence and which also deli­vers a huma­nistic mes­sa­ge. In other words, tho­se pic­tures which tack­le the big ques­ti­ons as well as the ever­y­day human doubts on our exis­tence, which at the same time sweep view­ers off their feet due to ‘lar­ger-than-life and silent pic­tures’ (Nor­bert Bolz), as well as for the fact that they’re important, sur­pri­sing and well-inter­pre­ted pho­to­graphs.


Edward Stei­chen

The FO.KU.S show will high­light pho­to­gra­phic snapshots of Cuba and Latin Ame­ri­ca taken by pho­to­graph­ers who were once descri­bed by exhi­bi­ti­on orga­ni­ser extra­or­dinaire Eri­ka Bil­le­ter as, ‘they don’t expe­ri­ment, they tru­ly see.’ 150 works by 24 artists will be show­ca­sed. Some of the­se inclu­de well­known pho­to­graph­ers such as Alber­to Kor­da, Sebas­tião Sal­ga­do or Flor Gar­du­ño, but also youn­ger artists, still unknown in Euro­pe, like Juan Car­los Alom, Alfre­do Sara­bia or Raúl Cañi­ba­no Ercil­la. The pho­to­graph­ers are all con­nec­ted becau­se of their curio­si­ty, a mar­ked inte­rest for social phe­no­me­na, an empa­thic view, and their own sug­ges­ti­ve pic­to­ri­al lan­guage. Beat Pres­ser (Switz­er­land), Cris­ti­na Gar­cía Rode­ro, Pep Bonet (Spain), Jan Grarup (Den­mark) and Tho­mas Dorn (Ger­ma­ny) are just some of the Euro­pean pho­to­graph­ers who’ve deci­ded to shar­pen their focus on Latin Ame­ri­ca and Afri­ca.

The Hor­bach collec­tion reso­lute­ly decla­res, what with its direct, unma­ni­pu­la­ted, rigo­rous pho­to­gra­phy, and pho­to­graphs that ques­ti­on social inter­ac­tions and the big con­tra­dic­tions of our modern times by brin­ging natu­re and its beau­ty and fra­gi­li­ty to the fore­front, that the world is out of kil­ter, but a fai­rer world is pos­si­ble. The collec­tion offers us a glim­pse into the high carat collec­tion and pres­ents us a social com­men­ta­ry dis­gui­sed as pho­to­graphs, bea­ring wit­ness of our huma­ni­ty. The cata­lo­gue ‘sehn­sucht – anhe­lo: Samm­lung Micha­el Hor­bach’ (Keh­rer Ver­lag, 2017) will be prin­ted and avail­ab­le during the exhi­bi­ti­on.

FO.KU.S Foto Kunst Stadt­fo­rum , Bank für Tirol und Vor­arl­berg Akti­en­ge­sell­schaft
Stadt­fo­rum 1, 6020 Inns­bruck,
Tele­fon +43 505 333 – 1417, www.btv-fokus.at

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