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Outstanding – who or what is outstanding in our day and age, when a trend replaces another every day, overflooding our senses every minute, with new fears being poked uninterruptedly by new media. We’re unsure, have barely any time to deal with the humdrum average aspects of our life, so who’s got time to look around for the extraordinary? We’re taking matters into our own hands. Time, that is. There are people and their performances which, to us, go above and beyond the ordinary. They’re extraordinary because they’re different from what we experience every day. We don’t mean they’re faster, farther, taller, larger, or more successful. Extraordinary means to think and live outside the box, not head for the same pigeonhole everyone else does, packed in like sardines; it means to look for new locations, which are often not as comfortable, but it’s precisely that feature that brings forth the outstanding nature of their work.

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More about this in this issue with personalities such as Anselm Kiefer, Elke Silvia Krystufek, Stephan Balkenhol, Mauro Fiorese, Franz West, Hermann Nitsch, Rolf Ohst, Christiane Vleugels, Maria Chalela-Puccini, Charles Schumann, Joseph Marr, Roberto Pietro Pezzolati etc.

MilionArt Kaleidoscope combines the elements of art into a big whole. 

The word kaleidoscope comes from the Greek and means: to see beautiful forms. MilionArt Kaleidoscope is an art and high-gloss magazine in XXL format with focus on the most beautiful form of “beautiful forms”: the art. In each issue, MilionArt Kaleidoscope examines the art scene and presents selected artists, collections, scientists, exhibitors and museums. In addition to the area of visual and performing art, the editorial staff also continually tackles themes of music, literature, architecture and design. MilionArt Kaleidoscope is an unforgettable reading experience for every art enthusiast. Innovative layout, elegant design, texts in German and English as well as the highest quality of printing, paper and refinement round the exclusive concept off. With its inimitable combination of interviews and expert knowledge, MilionArt Kaleidoscope is an indispensable tool for every art connoisseur, collector and lover.

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