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Stay in art – quite simple: stay where the art is.

According to the motto “stay in art” – on our trips, neither if they are leisure or business ones, we visit often pleasantly artistic places. Guided from the passion for art, our journeys lead us to extraordinary accommodations, creative restaurants and cafes, and to special attractions, events and institutions.

We are collecting these experiences on this site, and we pass on our “knowledge“ to you. Art-freaks and culture-junkies, like us, are always looking for places that inspire and satisfy our curiosity. It is often only a coincidence that you find such a magical place. So keep your eyes and ears open – often is the best place there where you will never expect it.

To help you navigate, we have assigned the addresses to various categories. Find your own favourites.

Here we share with you some addresses, which remained in our memory – so-called insider tips…pssssst…


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Back to the roots

From the editorial office

The Famous Japanese Artist, who exhibits his works all over

Walter Röhrl, born in Regensburg, is considered ‘the best rally

Three forgers have been the focus of my attention recently:

Myth, Glamour and Responsibility. The Medici obtained their success through

What is Reality, after all? It is the visible colours,

Kauffmann was a wunderkind already at the tender age of


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