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The Universal Partner Principle – Part II

Walter Russell

Ours is a sexu­al world – and for a very good reason!

This tri­ni­ty and, more spe­ci­fi­cal­ly, its vali­di­ty as a uni­ver­sal cer­tain­ty, is the rea­son a holy tri­ni­ty is the cor­ner­stone of all major reli­gi­ons. When it Comes to it, our uni­ver­se is whol­ly sexu­al and the ten­si­on thrum­ming bet­ween man and woman – which can only be released by inter­cour­se –, a dicho­to­my made of giving and recei­ving is what keeps our inner­most world tog­e­ther. In this instance, our world is what we per­cei­ve to be the ‘mate­ri­al’ uni­ver­se (let the­re be light!), becau­se, after all, the ‘real’ world, per­va­ded by a who­le, per­va­si­ve light, doesn’t need to be kept tog­e­ther: it is who­le, and shall remain so. Howe­ver, this sexu­al pola­ri­sa­ti­on offers the powers of crea­ti­on an oppor­tu­ni­ty to fall out­side this unity: this play­ful game of con­stant year­ning our other half and beco­me, once again, ‘who­le’, is what crea­tes the uni­ver­se and rea­li­ty we call home.

The only pos­si­ble sus­tainab­le Revolution

A foun­ding pil­lar of this theo­ry is that our riven ego, this dupli­ci­ty of ours and, con­se­quent­ly, the diver­si­ty in our world is an ima­gi­na­ry pro­jec­tion and the­re­fo­re the over­ar­ching law of unity has to be relent­less­ly exer­cis­ed. Our world is on a con­stant mis­si­on to res­to­re equi­li­bri­um, for what is taken has to be retur­ned: when imba­lan­ce strikes, for­ces leap into action, ree­ling us back into balan­ce. There’s no esca­ping it. Ack­now­led­ging this rea­li­ty engen­ders the only pos­si­ble sus­tainab­le revo­lu­ti­on, i.e. an evo­lu­ti­on in line with the uni­ver­sal laws of nature.

Achie­ving peace

This law doesn’t only app­ly to ele­ments, crys­tals, and gala­xies, but also to peop­le and our rela­ti­ons. On 19 May 1952, Wal­ter Rus­sel held a speech on his 80th bir­th­day in occa­si­on of the Ame­ri­can Armed For­ces Day on war and peace. His speech fea­tured ele­ments from the cos­mic rules gover­ning balan­ce app­lied to inter­na­tio­nal Ame­ri­can poli­ci­es. Russell’s key take-home mes­sa­ge was that as long as we have enemies, or rather trea­ting other indi­vi­du­als, peop­le, or races in such a way, we will never get rid of this con­cept. The more gru­e­so­me the opp­res­si­ve sta­te and impe­ria­lism, the quicker the empi­re will fall, as pro­ven by count­less examp­les in past and recent histo­ry. Russel’s ana­ly­sis hits the nail right on the head and could have been utte­red just yes­ter­day to the Ame­ri­can Armed For­ces rather than more than 60 years ago. ‘Up to now, hate and fear have domi­na­ted human rela­ti­ons. Bro­ther­ly love and the unity of huma­ni­ty have to replace the­se pri­mi­ti­ve practices.

Huma­ni­ty needs to learn one gre­at new les­son – Natu­re never takes. Natu­re gives, so that we can give back. This is the secret of Nature’s stead­fast­ness. If man learns the princip­le of love, that same princip­le God based our world on, then wealth, peace, and hap­pi­ness will grow from strength to strength and be as con­stant as our solar sys­tem. The earth gives its forests, fruit, and humi­di­ty to the sky, and the sky returns it all to the earth, in a con­stant and eter­nal cycle of giving and taking. Man­kind has tried to reach con­sis­ten­cy by taking ins­tead of giving and thus con­tri­bu­t­ed to des­troy­ing his civi­li­sa­ti­ons time and again for eons. Now, he’s yet again on the brink of des­troy­ing his world. You can­not rob someo­ne of their hap­pi­ness and keep it for yourself. You can only find hap­pi­ness by giving hap­pi­ness. In the same way, you can­not take love – you can only GIVE love.’ From: Wal­ter Rus­sell, Strength and Peace,

Wal­ter Rus­sell and his diagramms

The cos­mic pendulum

A cos­mic balan­ce regu­la­ted every action on our pla­net. Fol­lowing a peri­od of imba­lan­ce we soo­ner or later return to an equi­li­bri­um, cost what it may. Ever­ything on this pla­net yearns to return to a who­le, which is the quint­essence of ever­ything, and ever­ything actual­ly is a uni­ver­sal who­le, yet this law­ful­ness and order is igno­red by man most of the times and with some dif­fi­cul­ty (we would call this ‘coer­cing natu­re’). What hap­pens next is that the requi­red balan­ce strikes back with a ven­ge­an­ce (what we call a ‘natu­ral cata­stro­phe’), becau­se it sim­ply has to, like a pen­du­lum at some point will swing back to the other side, its moti­on and for­ce depen­dant from how far back it swung in the oppo­si­te direc­tion. Rus­sell often uses the pen­du­lum as an examp­le becau­se of its visi­bi­li­ty, and becau­se ist move­ment attracts our atten­ti­on. The move­ment of the pen­du­lum wouldn’t even be pos­si­ble without an ancho­ring point, a place whe­re it rests when not moving. This point may never move, and yet it is a vital spot which regu­la­tes the oscil­la­ting move­ment of the pendulum.

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